Offshore Virtual Employees

Hire virtual employees in Europe’s #2 IT outsourcing destination – Bulgaria!
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Skilled IT Professionals

Hire qualified offshore professionals with RemoTEK at only a fraction of the cost.
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Low Labour Costs

Offshore to RemoTEK and improve your profitability by reducing your payroll expense.
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Remote IT Staffing

Available Positions

RemoTEK offers a wide range of remote staffing solutions. We work with our clients to fully meet their requirements and find employees who will be proficient in whatever is needed and also flexible to learn new skills.

Virtual Assistants

virtual assistants

A virtual assistant can perform various tasks. Outsource your labour-intensive processes to a dedicated specialist.

Front-End Developers

front-end developers

Doing some heavy lifting on the front-end? Hire a dedicated front-end developer in Bulgaria with RemoTEK.

Back-End Developers

back-end developers

Make sure you always deliver technical excellence to your customer by hiring experienced PHP and ASP coders with RemoTEK.

Web Designers

web designers

Looking for appealing infographics and UI elements? Hire a qualified web designer with us today.

SEO Specialists

seo specialists

SEO is one of the most commonly outsourced activities. Onsite, offsite, content, backlinks – find your SEO specialist today.

SEM Specialists

sem specialists

Advertising on AdWords, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, you name it. Hire an expert in the SEM space today.

Network Admins

network admins

Hire an offshore certified network admin to keep the network running smoothly and efficiently.

Network Engineers

network engineers

Operating a complex network environment? Hire certified and experienced network professionals with us today.

Start Offshoring Now!

Go ahead and dip deep into our pool of talented eager-to-do-the-job specialists. Fill out the form below to start offshoring today!

Start Offshoring Now!

Go ahead and dip deep into our pool of talented eager-to-do-the-job specialists. Fill out the form below to start offshoring today!

The Process

How to Offshore Work

Over the years we have perfected a simple and effective offshoring process. We like to keep the process of offering offshore staff to our clients as simple as possible, but at the same time cater to all details which can make the difference between hiring a superstar and looking for another option.

IT offshoring begins with defining your needs. This is why we take the time to speak with you and discuss your business goals and provide consultancy if needed. Once we have reached full clarity regarding your requirements for an offshore employee, we take it to the next logical step to provide you with a quote and a time plan.

Why Offshore

to Bulgaria

Imagine a full set of IT specialists, from front-end and back-end developers to SEOs, SEMs and network engineers, all servicing your every need, at only a fraction of the cost compared to if you were to hire in Western Europe or the United States. Whether you are a small enterprise looking for a one-man solution or a larger enterprise in need of a full-blown dedicated team, we are at your disposal.


I’ve been working with RemoTEK to offshore the heavy lifting since 2013. I am real happy with the money I pay and the work I get accomplished for it.

Johan B.

Client, Eat Home

Have been working with RemoTEK for over 5 years now. I’ve got a number of offshore staff at RemoTEK managing various aspects of my e-commerce business and they’re doing a cracking job.

Susan S.

Client, XXL Lashes

Nearshoring to Bulgaria has made my startup a success. I wouldn’t have been able to afford developers in Sweden when I started out.

Johannes H

Client, B&T Sweden Consulting

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