Why Offshore

Offshoring is a favored business concept which helps reduce payroll overheads by shifting certain functions and services to a third party in a country where labour costs are significantly lower. Generally, the main objective of offshoring is to enhance corporate profitability by reducing labour costs.

outsourced it staff workingInformation technology is the sphere where offshoring is most frequent. Businesses choose to offshore those functions that are fundamental to the business and its management and to customer services. The idea behind offshoring is that it reduces labour costs, thus greatly improving corporate profitability, while at the same time preserving a high level-of-service (LOS).

Offshoring software development, website design, website maintenance and management is a huge multinational practice. It allows goods and service providers to carry out their activity without the overhead managing in-house staff to deal with their day to day IT needs. Redirecting this part of the business outside your country of origin has several big advantages:

  • Reduced salary rates to software development teams due to the lower salary rate in Bulgaria
  • Reduced recruitment volume due to redirecting the whole process to a single self-managed team
  • Reduced workload and control volumes due to monitoring a single-unit performance elsewhere
  • Easier consultations and communication resulting from relating to just one assignee team

We believe offshoring is the best solution for software and web development. We at RemoTEK are ready to provide you with the manpower your need at only a fraction of the cost.

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