Why Us

RemoTEK provides IT offshoring solutions which actually work. What makes us different is the way we approach offshoring and the years of experience we have dealing with clients, meeting their requirements and exceeding their expectations.

The reason why our clients love working with us is the flexibility with which we provide them for hiring remote employees.


Each client has a set of requirements not only for the skill set needed from the offshored employee but also towards their working hours and availability. Working in an efficient and coordinated fashion is crucial to a lasting and mutually beneficial relationship, which is why we cater to the following:

National Holidays

Aligning your virtual employees’ working schedule with the national holidays in your country. National holidays are different in each country and working with an international team entails alignment. RemoTEK lets you choose whether you would like your remote employees’ working schedules to be coordinated with your country’s official holidays so that you can always rely on them being at your disposal, even on days that are official holidays in Bulgaria.

Dedicated Phone Line

Minimizing telecommunication costs and providing ease of contact. Each remote employee you hire with RemoTEK is provided with a dedicated phone line with a localized VoIP number. This means that you can call your virtual employee from your cell or office phone at domestic rates, as opposed to international ones. Ease of communication is further enhanced by the fully equipped working stations that we provide to your offshored IT staff, which include a web camera and headset.

Time Zone Difference

Time zone difference alignment – a typical challenge in offshoring is dealing with the time difference between you and your remote employees. RemoTEK successfully overcomes this challenge by providing clients with the option to adjust their remote staff’s working hours to ensure a bigger overlap or full alignment if needed.

English Fluency

Your virtual employee speaks proper English. Nothing makes communication easier than eliminating the language barrier. This is why we source talented virtual employees, which are not only outstanding at their core IT competencies but also fluent in English so that there are no communication gaps between you.

You can be on the fast track to offshoring with RemoTEK in a just a few clicks. Fill out the form on this page to tell us briefly about your needs and we will be in touch with you on the phone promptly.